Top 10 Best T-Mobile Phones For Sale

Deutsche Telekom is a Telecommunications company that owns T-Mobile phones for sale as one of its subsidiaries. T-Mobile deals in the telecommunication industry and provides services in Europe, the United States of America, Puerto Rico and the US Virginia Islands. The headquarters is based in Bonn, Germany.

The company is ranked at 6th place among the largest network service providers in the world. The company is quite big and it operates from so many different countries. Currently, there are more than 101 million subscribers associated with T-Mobile Services.

Benefits of Using T-Mobile Phones And Services

There are many perks of using T-Mobile services. The people have appreciated the network service. The subscribers of T-Mobile are increasing on a daily basis and currently, the number exceeds more than 101 million. That is quite impressive. We can share some of the distinct benefits and advantages of using T-Mobile Services for you.

  1. First things first, the network coverage of T-Mobile is uninterrupted and uniform. You will never experience any discrepancies or network failures with T-Mobile.
  2. The unlimited packs provide more than your basic needs and the charges are inclusive of all taxes and no hidden fees
  3. The international roaming pack comes with a lot of benefits that you can possibly imagine. They provide all the fundamental benefits that are typically needed during a foreign trip.
  4. With Magenta Family Plan you will have the privilege for free Netflix Subscriptions and that is an offer that nobody can refuse.

Similarly, there are endless benefits of using T-Mobile services. You will find free data and texting during flight and while visiting other countries as well. The advantages of using T-Mobile are endless. Every subscriber has different needs and T-Mobile is capable of delivering services just as per the customers’ needs.

Drawbacks of T-Mobile Phones And Services

In terms of service, T-Mobile services are highly competitive and promising to the users except at some places where it needs to be improved. The disadvantages of T-Mobile services are few as compared to its competitors. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are the biggest competitors of T-Mobile. The only noticeable drawback is that some of the unlimited plans offered by T-Mobile are slightly costlier than Sprint and AT&T.

However, the services of AT&T and Verizon are considered slightly better than T-Mobile in some areas but that is debatable. A recent survey suggests that the quality of T-Mobile customer service is slightly decreasing every day. Despite having competitive customer service and network coverage, T-Mobile struggles to reach on the top network service provider.

How Do We Choose T-Mobile Phones?

When it is about choosing the right telecommunication service provider, there are a couple of things we need to consider – Network Coverage (3G/4G/5G), Voice Quality, Data Speed, Customer Service and Price. These factors determine whether the network service provider is good for us or not. However, it is not easy to get accurate data based on the factors mentioned above.

We can try to check the customer reviews of these networks but in most cases, the reviews could be misleading because the requirements of every customer differ. Therefore it is best to analyse your requirements first and check the performance of the network in your locality. Then you can determine which network service provider is best to choose.

Things to Consider Before Availing the T-Mobile Phones Network Service

You can begin by searching the customer reviews in your locality and online too. Analyse the reviews closely and relate them with your requirements. If you are concerned more about network strength than price, you should check the reviews about network strength.

For example: If you are more concerned about the data speed and price, ask the local people about their specific experience with Data Speeds and respective price. If you use T-Mobile Flip Phones, you probably won’t need any data. In that case, you should look for the best voice call service provider. Talk to the customer service agents and clarify all the concerns, obligations and requirements from them one by one. This way you will get an insight about the network and the customer service quality as well.

The best way is to seek the network coverage map from the customer service and that map will tell you all the details about their voice call quality, data quality and network strength in the respective areas. Then you will be only left with price comparison.

Top 10 Best T-Mobile Phones For Sale – Reviews

T-Mobile Phones For Sale

Today we are going to look at some of the best T-Mobile phones for sale. These phones are on the list of top 10 T-Mobile Phones for sale. We are going to discuss the variants, features, specifications, pros and cons of these devices. The illustrations of these devices will help you to choose the best T-Mobile Phone for yourself.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Factory Unlocked Phones

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Factory Unlocked New Android Cell Phone


  • 12, 48 and 108 MP Camera.
  • 12/16 GB RAM.
  • 128 GB – 512 GB Storage.
  • Front Camera – 40 MP.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series contain 4 variants – Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra. Each one of the phones is a great masterpiece. The configuration would differ based on requirements.

Each of them comes with SnapDragon 865 Chipset which is currently the latest and most powerful mobile chipset in the world.


  • Best in class Firmware and Hardware.
  • Intriguing Functionalities.
  • User-Friendly.


  • Poor Battery Life.
  • Software Bugs.
  • Thermal Management System is Unsatisfactory.

2. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked


  • 12 and 108 MP Camera.
  • 12 GB RAM.
  • 128/256/512 Storage.
  • Front Camera – 10 MP.

Now, we all must agree that all the fans of Samsung Smartphones are more inclined towards getting the latest Samsung Galaxy Notes. There are 2 variants in the Galaxy Note this year – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Both of the smartphones have astounding specifications and features. The size of the display and camera megapixels are the only features that will differ.


  • Best and Unique Features and Functionalities
  • Ultra HD Display and Compact


  • Fragile Body.
  • Software Bugs.
  • Contracted Overtime.

3. New Apple iPhone 12 (256GB, Blue)

New Apple iPhone 12 (256GB, Blue) [Locked] + Carrier Subscription


  • 12, 12 and 12 MP + ToF Camera.
  • 12 MP Front Camera.
  • 6GB RAM.
  • 128/256/512 GB Storage.

There are so many cliches associated with iPhones – No other phone can match the features and functionalities of Apple. Apple provides absolute security and assurance to its consumers and history is evident for that. Plus, the after sale service of iPhones is quite impressive.

You do not need to have a single doubt about this extensive masterpiece. There are currently 4 variants in Apple iPhone 12 Series – iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.


  • Extensive Firmware System.
  • Immune to Bugs.
  • Time of Flight (infrared) Cameras.


  • Expensive.
  • Less User-Friendly.
  • Fragile Hardware.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G|Factory Unlocked Phones|256GB Storage

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G


  • 12, 12 and 12 MP Camera.
  • 10 and 10 MP Front Camera.
  • 12 GB RAM.
  • 256/512 GB Storage.
  • 4500 mAh Battery.

All tech lovers can’t deny this intriguing smartphone. By far one of the best T-Mobile phones in the segment. A device that could be used as a smartphone and notebook at the same time. The technology used in the device is very impressive.

Only Samsung has the confidence to deliver this technology with perfection. The functionalities and features of this device are quite inspiring. Furthermore, the software and hardware are embedded with the latest technology.


  • Dual Purpose – Note Cum Smartphone.
  • Compact.
  • Innovative Technology.


  • High Maintenance.
  • Fragile Body.
  • Expensive.

5. LG V60 ThinQ 5G 128GB Android Smartphone LM-V600TM

LG V60 ThinQ 5G 128GB Android Smartphone LM-V600TM


  • 64 and 13 MP + ToF Camera.
  • 10 MP Front Camera.
  • 8GB RAM.
  • 128GB Storage.

LG is the only brand that keeps toe-to-toe competition with brands like Samsung and iPhones. It is always able to come on the list of best T-Mobile phones. LG V Series phones are performing so well in the market.

LG V60 ThinQ has got all the features that you would expect in a smartphone currently. It has got an 865 Snapdragon processor chip and very competitive battery life. The battery capacity is far better than any other smartphones.


  • Astounding Battery Life – 5000 mAH Battery.
  • ToF Camera Functionality.


  • Limited Display Resolution.
  • Charging is a bit Slow.

6. OnePlus 8T Plus 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone

OnePlus 8T Plus 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone


  • 2,5,16 and 48 MP Camera
  • 16 MP Front Camera
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB Storage

As we all know the performances of OnePlus Smartphones. The performance of OnePlus 8T Plus is obviously better than its predecessors. Similarly, OnePlus Smartphones have better battery life than mainstream smartphones.

It has got 865 SnapDragon Processor Chipset and the performance is off the charts. This phone is ideally chosen by people that are obsessed with high-performance smartphones at an affordable price.


  • High-Performance.
  • Fast User-Interface.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Android 11.


  • Mediocre Camera.
  • Unimpressive Outer body.

7. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unlocked,6.7″ AMOLED Screen,128GB

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unlocked,6.7"AMOLED Screen,128GB


  • 64, 5, 5 and 12 MP Camera
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Storage

People that love to have Samsung Smartphones with slightly mid-range specifications, Samsung A71 would be an ideal choice. It comes with an earphone jack.

You wouldn’t find this feature in higher-level segments of Galaxy S20 Series. Plus, the battery life is quite better than the other segments. It comes with a 4500 mAh Battery and the camera is quite impressive for a mid-range smartphone.


  • Excellent Camera Quality.
  • Extended Battery Life.


  • Absence of 865 Snapdragon Chipset.

8. Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE


  • 12MP Camera
  • 7MP Front Camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • 64/128/256GB Storage

The iPhone SE is quite distinctive than other smartphones. If you are looking for a mid-range phone which would suffice all the requirements of the latest Apple Phones, iPhone SE should be your choice.

It will give you all the functionalities that you need. Also, it comes at an affordable price. This one comes among the best T-Mobile iPhone Deals you can get.


  • A13 Bionic Processor similar to iPhone 11.
  • Wireless Charging and Affordable.


  • Low Battery Life.
  • Small Display (4.7 Inches).

9. LG V50 ThinQ 128GB LMV450PM Sprint CDMA and GSM Unlocked 5G

LG V50 ThinQ 128GB LMV450PM Sprint CDMA and GSM Unlocked 5G


  • 48, 8 and 5MP Camera
  • 16MP Front Camera
  • 6/8GB RAM
  • 128GB Storage

Widely chosen and most recommended mid-range smartphone in the market – LG Velvet. The smartphone would surely not disappoint you. It comes with the 76 5G Chipset Processor which is currently the second-best processor chipsets in the market.

The phone is affordable and performance is quite impressive for a mid-range phone. It competes with Samsung A71 which has got similar processing speed.


  • Good Camera Quality.
  • Cool User-Interface.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • User-Friendly Device.


  • Mediocre Performance.

10. Samsung Galaxy A21 Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone

Samsung Galaxy A21 Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone


  • 16, 8, 2, 2MP Camera.
  • 13MP Front Camera.
  • 3GB RAM.
  • 32GB Storage.

The last device on our segment for T-Mobile Deals and T-Mobile Phones for sale cheap – Samsung Galaxy A21. it is a good device for people that have a limited budget and do not expect high-performance from their devices. The features of this device are quite subtle but reliable.

You can completely rely on this device in terms of functionalities. You will find all the functionalities typically required in the current age of smartphones.


  • Affordable.
  • Reliable.
  • User-Friendly.


  • Limited Functionalities.
  • Specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What deals does T-Mobile have right now?

You can visit the official website of T-Mobile to find the latest T-Mobile Phones for Sales, Used T-Mobile Phones For Sale and details regarding the plans offered by T-Mobile. The deals are subject to change in a matter of hours so it best to visit customer service to know the latest deals.

What is the best phone from T-Mobile?

There is a whole list of the best T-Mobile Phones for Sales on the official website of T-Mobile. You can find all your favourite mobile phone brands from the list of T-Mobile Phones for Sales. You also have the option to consult the customer service agents as they would be more than glad to find the best T-Mobile Phone for Sale. They will find the best mobile phone as per your interests.

Does T-Mobile give free phones?

You can avail the devices either on the lease or buy them up-front. Some of the devices could be availed on a mixed contract of lease and EMI. You can get the option to pay lease or EMI along with the monthly plan. Some flip flop phones could be availed for free with eligible plans.

What phones does T-Mobile sell?

The question is quite common, “where to buy T-Mobile phones?” You can find a variety of mobile phones from the list of T-Mobile Phones for Sale. There is a large variety of smartphones and flip flops available in their list. The latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, LG Smartphones and a lot more.

How can i get free T-Mobile phone?

You can easily avail free T-Mobile Phone with eligible trade of monthly plans. The customer care executives will be able to describe the eligible plans better. Through one of the eligible trade-in plans, you can avail free T-Mobile Phones.

Final Word

T-Mobile is among the largest telecommunication service providers in the world. The service provided by this company is considered highly competitive among the best network service providers. You do not need to scrutinize its services or be skeptical about its quality. All your queries and concerns will be resolved in a couple of moments so there is no need to worry about availing T-Mobile services.