Top 10 Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

Mattresses are one of the most basic requirements for every household. The technology has greatly improved in the last decade and provided us with a wide variety of air mattress everyday use to choose from. Regardless of the type, our expectations from the mattresses are quite similar. The first and foremost thing that we all expect is that the mattress should be exceptionally comfortable and cosy. Then we look forward to some details like firmness, texture, longevity, material, size, adjustability and price.

Today, we are going to emphasize one such type of mattress that qualifies the top of the counts of the parameters mentioned above. Air mattresses are the type of mattresses that are considered ideal for all-purpose mattresses. They consist of all the features that we look for in a typical mattress. However, the one feature that most mattresses don’t have is portability.

Air mattresses provide the best portability option. Hence, they can be used in different locations too. People that often encounter lots of guests at their house every once in a while or love to go camping from time to time are always in a dire need of the best air mattress everyday use. Let us dig deeper into the features and applications of air mattresses.

Benefits of Using an Air Mattress Everyday Use

Before we get into the details of buying the best air mattress for everyday use, it is more prudent to know the reasons for buying an air mattress for yourself. What makes air mattresses better than other types of mattresses? Is it really worth it? Why are air mattresses often preferred for medical settings? Well, there are a couple of reasons for it. Let us walk you through the benefits of using an air mattress every day.

1. Better Blood Circulation:

Since you have the option to change the pressure of your mattress, you can adjust as per the patient’s requirements or any person who is using the mattress. This provides the utmost care and it tends well to the person sleeping on it. You can’t expect this feature from other types of mattresses.

2. Portability:

The one feature that makes it the best air mattress for everyday use is its portability. You can inflate it while you are using it and deflate it when you do not need it. Once deflated, you can pack it and store in a compact case. You can carry the case anywhere, unpack it and use it wherever you want.

3. Flexible and Fireproof:

You can find many bifurcations in the types of air mattresses. Some of them are fire-resistant and also, the materials are accustomed to resisting different kinds of bacterias and microorganisms. Therefore, it protects the user from various hazardous elements.

4. Affordable:

Last but not least, an air mattress is the next generation of mattresses. We should say thanks to the latest technology. Unlike any typical mattress or bed, an air mattress is most affordable and comes in different price ranges for everyday use, camping or medical purpose.

Drawbacks of Using an Air Mattress Everyday Use

Despite their innumerable advantages, air mattresses still have one disadvantage. Just like any other product, air mattresses are subject to wear and tear problems too. And yes, they do have some other drawbacks too that you should know.

  • No matter how flexible or strong fibred it may be, it is prone to get punctured or torn out. Of course, you will need a sharp and pointy object to force it through the mattress. You will need to put a significant amount of force on these mattresses or penetrate them with an external force to puncture or damage them.
  • Due to the above reason, most of the air mattress companies do not provide warranties for more than a year for any air mattress. Therefore, you will need to be very careful and responsible while handling air mattresses.
  • The motors used in pumping the air through the mattress could sound quite annoying or disturbing especially to newborn babies or infants in the house. Some of the mattresses can consume a lot of time in inflating and deflating.

Even the best air mattresses for everyday use such as King Koil Air Mattress or Sound-asleep Dream Series Air Mattress can’t provide you with a 100% guarantee for these problems. If handled properly, the air mattress could be very useful and satisfying for everyday use. You just need to take care of the maintenance of the air mattress. That’s it!.

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress for Yourself

Ever since the concept of air mattresses was introduced in the market, every mattress company is trying to produce their own air mattress nowadays. People are very much intrigued by this product and it is proven to be one of the most promising and satisfying products. Conventional mattresses were quite heavy and they were prone to many bed bugs and mites. It posed a serious threat to our health and wellness.

With the introduction of air mattresses, our sleep setting has improved much better and it feels so amazing to use it. The best part is, the weight of the object is distributed in a balanced way. For example: if a person twists or turns on the bed, it won’t affect the person sleeping on the other side. Now that feature is quite amazing!

However, it is not that easy to expect these features in every air mattress. The measure of the quality of any product depends on the materials used in making the product and the product’s longevity. Then comes its usability and scalability. Let us walk you through the details that we configure in air mattresses before choosing them.

1. Customer Reviews

There is no better way to know about a certain product than asking the customers themselves. Since they are consumers of the product, they must be the first people to throw feedback and reviews about the product. We check all the customers’ reviews and try to find out the genuine concerns of customers related to the longevity, durability, flexibility, scalability and user-friendliness of the product.

2. Usability of the Product

There are 3 major things that come under the usability of the air mattresses Inflation, deflation and storage. The product must be extensive when it comes to these 3 factors. Some of the air mattresses are good at self-inflating in just a couple of minutes and they are quite compact. They can be stored in a small and confined pack or case. Also, they are easier to store and carry. Those air mattresses are considered ideal for portability concern.

3. Durability and Comfort

Air mattresses are flexible and portable to use. However, that very feature makes them prone to wear and tear. Therefore, the material used in making the air mattress should have fine quality. It must have tough endurance when it comes to rough use. Plus, a good air mattress should be perfectly distributed on all the sides. It should be able to restore balance and provide absolute comfort to the user.

4. Warranty

Last and certainly not the least, the warranty of the product matters the most. Mostly the air mattresses come with one 1 year of warranty but the company should take immediate measures to confront and acknowledge the warranty claims promptly. Regardless of the warranty period, the product must showcase its durability far beyond that. That is the true mark of a good sleeping air mattress.

After assuring the presence of these parameters we finally deem an air mattress to be worthy enough for buying. From a customer’s point of view, there could be a lot of things you might want to consider before making the decision to buy. However, the above-mentioned pointers are some of the crucial factors. Every air mattress should be scrutinized properly for these points.

Top 10 Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use – Reviews

Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use

The true quality of the best air mattress for every day is judged on the basis of many factors. Only a few companies are able to deliver all the qualities at once. Therefore, we have made a list of 10 best air mattresses for everyday use, so that it could be easier for you to figure out which brand you should choose.

We are going to provide you with a brief description of mattress brands and their special features subsequently. Then we will also share the pros and cons of these products. We will leave it up to you. You can figure out the best mattress brand for your household purpose. Let us get through this.

1. King Mattress, Sweetnight Breeze 12 Inch

King Mattress, Sweetnight Breeze 12 Inch King Size Mattress Medium Firm


  • Excellent internal layering and fabric alignment.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Water-proof material.
  • Resistant to punctures.

King Koil is one of the most elite air mattress companies that provides some extensive air mattresses in the world. You would get all the features that you expect in a typical air mattress for your household. The internal layering and fabric alignment is absolutely great. Comfort level is good. It kind of gives a luxurious outlook when you sleep on it.


  • Water-Proof and Resilient.
  • Puncture Resistant.
  • Availability of Repair Kit.
  • Quick Inflation and Deflation in just 4 Minutes
  • Strong Motor Pump..
  • 1-Year Warranty.


  • Deflation Time Could Be Longer Sometimes.
  • Quite Expensive as Compared to Other Mattresses.
  • Cases of Leakage.

2. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


  • High quality and durability.
  • Firm bottom grip.
  • Quick inflation.
  • High air retention capacity.

If you are looking for the most preferred air mattress in the world – Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress would be the ideal choice. This brand is considered one of the most trusted and reliable air mattress companies in the world. The most positive feedback and reviews have been shared for this brand by customers. You do not need to think otherwise when it comes to quality and durability.


  • Great Customer Service.
  • Best Endurance High Weight.
  • Highest Air Retention Capacity.
  • Quick Inflation and Maximum Durability.
  • Better Grip from the Bottom.
  • 1-Year Warranty.


  • Costlier than Other Brand Mattresses.
  • Durable yet less Comfortable than Other Mattresses.
  • Cord-Wire is Shorter which could be Troublesome.

3. Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump


  • Quick inflation and high durability.
  • Comes with both a built-in electric pump and a manual pump.
  • Excellent air retention.
  • Light weight and portable.

Quite decent and widely chosen air mattress. The height of the mattress is pretty decent and sound and you won’t find a reason to say NO to this mattress.


  • Light Weight.
  • High Portability.
  • Quickly Inflate.
  • High Air Retention.
  • Built-In Electric Pump and Manual Pump.


  • There have been a few cases of a leak, wear and tear of this mattress within 2 years of purchase.

4. Englander First Ever Microfiber AIR Mattress Twin Size

Englander First Ever Microfiber AIR Mattress Twin Size


  • Great microfiber material.
  • Light weight.
  • High tolerance to weight and pressure.
  • Water resistant.

The Micro-Fiber Air Mattress is specially designed to provide the maximum comfort as it comes with the best microfiber material on the top that not only provides a cozy feel but also protects the mattress from sharp and pointy insertions.


  • Super Comfort.
  • Light in Weight.
  • Withstands High Pressure and Weight.
  • Water-Proof.
  • 5-Year Warranty.


  • Very Pricey.
  • Noisy Air Pump.
  • Difficult to Carry.

5. Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed


  • High endurance.
  • Water resistant.
  • High durability.

It is an air bed that is made up of strong material fibres like polyester. The manufacturer has especially focused on its durability and made it stronger than other mattresses in the market. It is highly dependable and has a longer life than other mattresses.


  • Super Strong Built.
  • High Endurance.
  • Water-Proof Built.
  • Durable.


  • Horizontal Air Chambers.
  • Difficult to Carry due to Heavy Weight.
  • The Fibre Could Produce Unpleasant Odor.

6. REM Air System Air Chamber Queen Dual Side Compatible

REM Air System Air Chamber Queen Dual Side Compatible


  • Dual air-pump motors.
  • Firm bottom grip.
  • Dual chambers.
  • Equal weight distribution.

The mattress is ideal for couples who like to sleep soundly without being affected by the other. The mattress has got dual air-pump motors to provide adjustable air pressure on both sides of the bed. It is a widely chosen air mattress in the market.


  • Dual Chambers for Couples.
  • Extreme Level of Comfort.
  • Distributed Weight.
  • Firm Bottom.


  • The Fibre Could Be Smelly.
  • Quite Expensive.
  • High Maintenance.
  • Loose Resilience Over Time.

7. King Koil Highly Raised Air Mattress

King Koil Highly Raised Air Mattress


  • Quick inflation and deflation.
  • High resistance.
  • Excellent endurance.

High Raised Air Mattress almost feels like an actual bed and comes with a unique air-cooling feature. Also, it is highly durable and resistant to scratches. It is quite resilient and made of fine fabric material. The brand manufactures only high-quality air mattresses in the world.


  • Manufactured with Thick Materials.
  • Comfort Level of Actual Bed.
  • Highly Resilient.
  • Better Endurance.
  • Quick Inflation and Deflation – Ready-To-Use.


  • Expensive Than Other Mattresses.
  • High Maintenance.
  • Cases of Leak after a Brief Period of Time.

8. Coleman 4 In 1 Air Mattresse

Coleman 4 In 1 Air Mattresse


  • Highly spacious.
  • Great affordability.
  • Convertible and easy to use.

For large families, this air mattress is ideal as it has room for 4 people in it. The height of the air mattress is small. It is built to withstand the weight of 4 people. It is also good for people who frequently have sleepover plans with guests and friends.


  • Easy-To-Use.
  • Convertible Air Mattress.
  • Spacious.
  • Affordable.


  • Absence of In-Built Pump.
  • Difficult To Carry.
  • High Maintenance.

9. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress


  • High durability
  • Long-lasting
  • Option to set the firmness according to one’s need.

Much appreciated air mattress by the customers. The mattress has got good customer reviews all over the world and is a highly chosen air mattress in the world. It comes with a firm setting option that is quite extensive and impressive.


  • Adjustable Firm Settings Option.
  • Super Comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Long-Life.


  • Quite Expensive.
  • A little Difficult to Carry.

10. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress


  • Dual air pump motors.
  • High durability.
  • Water resistant.

Last but certainly not the least air mattress in our segment. Insta-Bed provides the user with super comfort. It has got a unique feature that only a few other mattresses possess. It has got dual air pump motors. One for inflation and the other one for maintaining the pressure for high comfort.


  • Highly Comfortable.
  • Feels Like Real Bed.
  • Ready To Use.
  • Dual Air Pump Motors.


  • It needs to be connected to power all the time.
  • Quite Expensive.
  • Needs High-Maintenance.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Mattress Everyday Use

There are different kinds of air mattresses in the world and all of them have various features. Some of the features are designed for special occasions and purposes. Therefore, you must configure your requirements first before buying the most suitable form of an air mattress for yourself.

Some people prefer to go on vacations, picnics and camping. They aim at getting the best air mattress for camping. It would be more prudent if they buy an air mattress that is lightweight, easily carryable, compact and ready-to-use. People that prefer to sleep in multiple settings might have a little perspective about their requirements.

Hence, it becomes a little sophisticated while buying the best air mattress for everyday use. However, there are a few basic variants that you need to check irrespective of your requirements. These functionalities might change the perspective of your requirements. Let us see them one by one.

1. Air Inflating Pump:

There are different kinds of pumps used to inflate air into the mattress. Initially, there were manually operative pumps. Now you have the option to buy mattresses with battery operated pumps or outlet plug-in. There are air mattresses with built-in air pumps and they are much easier to use. In some cases, you will get separate air pumps that operate from outside.

2. Inflation Time:

It is one of the important features of air mattresses. A good air mattress will have a strong air inflating pump and it works at a higher pace. Lesser the time it takes to inflate the mattress, the better it is. Also, the pump should have a long life. You might get a separate warranty card for the motor pump.

3. Height:

It is a highly considerable factor while choosing the best air mattress for everyday use. The ideal height of the mattress for household purposes is 18 – 20 inches. The air mattress that is used for outdoor purposes generally has a smaller height. The greater the height, the harder it is to carry and longer it takes to inflate.

4. Air Chambers:

Air chambers can put a major difference in your comfort level. Therefore, you must be conscious about checking the air chamber built. The air chambers built-in vertical position is considered ideal because they provide the perfect balance between the weight distributing of the user and comfort.

Some air mattresses have horizontal air chambers that feel much comfortable in the beginning but they become saggy over time. So, do not go for the air mattress which is made up of horizontal air chambers.

5. Material Fibre:

Scrutinize and check the fabric of the air mattress. Try to check the authenticity of the material. The trusted brands use tough fabric material that can withstand rugged use and also have the endurance to sharp-pointy objects. Keeping that in mind, it should also be tending to the skin of the user. It shouldn’t feel like sleeping on plastic or rubber and should be cosy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an Air Mattress?

An air mattress is an inflatable bed that uses air-pump motors to inflate. They can also be inflated manually. They were created mainly for portability purposes.

Is Air Bed Good For Daily Use?

Yes, Air Bed or Air Mattress could be used daily. In fact, they are considered a better alternative to conventional beds.

How Can I Make My Air Mattress More Comfortable?

Air mattresses are already much comfortable but you can also put some extra sheets on the top to make it cosier.

Is Air Bed Good For Health?

Yes, in fact, air mattresses are considered an ideal choice in many medical settings as they are quite flexible and adjustable. They can be adjustable as per the user’s requirements.

What is the Most Durable Air Mattress?

The air mattresses that are higher with the vertical air chambers are good. The durability of the air mattress depends on the quality of fibre used to manufacture it. King Koil, Sound Asleep and The Sleep Company are the brands that manufacture highly durable air mattresses.

How Long Does an Air Mattress Last if Used Every Day?

Air Mattresses can last for as long as possible. Generally, a typical air mattress has a 1-year warranty because it is prone to get punctured. Otherwise, the air mattress could have a long life if maintained properly.

Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

No, it is not possible. The air retention will go out over a period of time. You will need to inflate the air mattress from time to time.

Final Word

Air Mattresses have become quite a necessity in day to day life. We all come across situations like sleepovers and camping every once in a while. During these times, an air mattress becomes a dire need. Therefore, it is advised to have an air mattress in every home. They are portable and quite easy to use. Also, they are immune to various kinds of bed bugs and mites you often find in conventional beds. Hence, we should all have a nice and cosy air mattress at home.